Add Your Site to The Amateur Key Club

You've built your site, it's been online for a few months. You've placed it on the major search engines, added some links, and spent time and money advertising and marketing it ... and you're still only getting a thousand hits and one sign-up a day. What do you do to take it to the next level, and start making money? Check with us, we have the answer.

We know that most people who put up an amateur site have 'real jobs' and other commitments that preclude them from spending the time required to make their site successful. Consequently, most amateur sites realize a small to modest profit, but never reach their full potential. If this is the case with your site, you should talk with us about a plan to grow your business, and make your site as successful as possible. We'll review your site and make recommendation to apply our proven strategy to increase both your traffic and your sales.

Why Should You Join Us?
The answer is twofold and simple ... TRAFFIC and CONTENT. I-CanDee can provide you tools to increase your traffic and increase your conversion rate. When you join the I-CanDee family, we immediately add Over 75,000 images to your website and Over 1,000 Amateur Videos to your member's area. Plus, your site is effectively updated EVERY DAY; giving surfers and your members a real reason to sign-up and renew. From a traffic standpoint, you immediately add traffic from 29 sites and 14 toplists which will go a long way to boost your traffic from other sources.

What We Do
> Review your site and make design recommendations
> Add your site to one of our existing member areas vastly increasing your content 
> Provide you a full page ad to include on your site to promote the combined members
> Re-advertise your site for maximum traffic using our proven methodology
> Review, clean up or add metatags and submit to major search engines

What's This Cost You?
Our philosophy is that if we do our job correctly, our client partners will make money, and we should share in a percentage of that success. Simply put, if you don't make money ... we don't make money. Costs and parameters for I-CanDee management of an existing amateur site are below. We are open to working with webmasters of the following types of sites. If your site isn't making the money you think it can, and it fits into the following parameters, contact us for a conversation.

> Your site must be an Amateur site featuring one individual or couple
> The site must contain ONLY legal content
> The site must have been online for at least six (6) months
> The site must be a "pay" site with a protected 'member's area'
> The site must not be on a free host

For sites requiring little or no redesign and the current site owner handles advertising and marketing, I-CanDee receives 40% of all revenue generated after the site is assimilated into our member's area and the I-CanDee network. If you want us to advertise and manage the site, we receive 50% of revenue generated. Important: I-CanDee Productions pays the total cost for hosting/bandwidth for the member area and pays the annual cost of Visa authorization. The 'free tour' area bandwidth is the responsibility of the individual site owner.

We . . . 
Provide Member Area content from our member's area
Provide you our traffic strategy
Update your member's area with video and images you provide
Pay 100% of the bandwidth for the member's area
Pay VISA annual fees

You . . .
Provide video and images for your member's area updates
Pay hosting/bandwidth for your free tour area only
Advertise and market your site

If you'd like to discuss the possibility of becoming a part of the
group of sites, we'd love to talk with you.  Please contact Bob via
e-mail at  hall2997@bellsouth.net