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I-Candee Cash
Frequently Asked Questions

There are alot of I-Candee Cash sites. Do I need to sign up for all of them?
No, you can sign up for any of the sites and promote and sell any or all of the
you think best fits your surfer(s). Please note that the referrer .html code
is site specific and will direct the surfer to only the site for which it is designated.

When I sign up with I-Candee Cash, I receive the message "Invalid Url" ?
If your url contains a hyphen"-" ,please remove the hyphen before submitting;
example: "hot-candy" should be "hot candy " the system doesn't like hyphens.
It will not affect you in any way.

Am I allowed to promote I-Candee Cash from different domains?
YES!! You can advertise us from as many different domains as you like. 
Please use the same referral code for all of your domains.

Can I design and use my own banners?
YES!! Feel free to design and use your own banners and or text links. 
Some of the highest pulling sites use descriptive text along with banners to generate hits.

Where are your banners located?
Our banners are located here

Can I open I-Candee Cash Cash sites in consoles?
YES!! Pop up windows, exit consoles, pretty much 
everything is allowed except unsolicited e-mail spamming.

What are your Terms of Service?
We basically have NO RULES. However, if we receive complaints you are 
using our partnership on sites displaying ILLEGAL content: Child Porn, Bestiality 
Sites, Password Traders. etc. we will pay you out but then advise you to remove 
our banners and links as we will have no choice but to Terminate the Partnership. 
Currently it is not our policy to review all sites using our program. Sites found to
contain any reference to child porn in any form will be reported to authorities.

When will I be paid?
The pay week runs from Monday through Sunday. The pay out date is on 
Wednesday of the following week. The current minimum payment is $25, if 
the minimum amount is not reached for a pay period it will be rolled over into 
the following week. Checks are sent Direct From CCBILL™ Our Credit Card 
Processing Company!

Where can I check my stats and how often are they updated?
Stats are updated in Real Time every 15 minutes and can be checked HERE

Do you provide any content for your partners to use on their websites?
YES!! We have web legal content that is free to use on your website located HERE

Do you provide Free Hosted Galleries for your partners to use?
YES!! We have FHGs. They are located HERE

If your still having problems or have any other questions please do not hesitate to email us HERE

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